24 things you’ll only understand if you sang in your school choir

15 March 2019, 13:29 | Updated: 15 March 2019, 15:44

School choir things. Picture: Giphy/me.me

By Maddy Shaw Roberts and Helena Asprou

Did you sing in your school choir? Take a moment to reminisce over your troubled past life as a second alto.

  1. Being eternally haunted by the sound of vocal warm-ups

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    Sorry how many-many-men-men-men was that?

  2. Doing all the warm-ups and STILL running out of breath in the middle of a phrase

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    Glo-ooo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-*collapses with exhaustion*

  3. Forgetting your words and mouthing along in the hope that no one will know

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    Adi-adi-emus-a-ba-adi-e-ba-wa-da? Sorry, mum.

  4. Being forced to partake in awkward dancing and/or swaying

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    Sorry. Sorry again. Was that your foot? Sorry.

  5. Being unable to see the conductor because a very tall soprano is standing in front of you

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  6. Learning an extravagant harmonised version of ‘Happy Birthday’

    singing along. Picture: Classic FM

    And bringing it out at every opportunity.

  7. Getting bored waiting for all the other parts to finish rehearsing their bit

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    Can you just get the right note pls guys

  8. Learning the same choral medley every year

    West Side Story medley. Picture: Boosey & Hawkes

    La la la la America...

  9. Being pretty much fluent in Italian

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    Can I get a fortepiano on my pizza please with a cantabile on the side? Grazie.

  10. The annoyance of singing outside and your sheet music flying everywhere

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    The great outdoors were not made for music-making.

  11. Having an unrequited crush on the tall, beautiful tenor

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    *sigh* so pretty

  12. Having no room for books because your locker is crammed full of sheet music

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    Music > serious studies

  13. Alienating all your non-music friends with your incessant singing

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    Well, practice makes perfect.

  14. Feeling ridiculously anxious about singing in front of the rest of the school

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    Will my non-music friends still talk to me? Will my crush be impressed by my top F? Will I remember to do the repeat?

  15. Being utterly convinced that your vocal section is the best

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    Sopranos get the tune for a reason, folks.

  16. Getting the solo over your nemesis and feeling inexplicably smug

    Altos gain strength. Picture: trulyhorriblethings.com

    *evil cackle*

  17. Somebody fainting during the performance because the school hall was too hot

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    U ok hun?

  18. Accidentally coming in early and everyone in the choir swivelling their heads to look at you

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    Earth, kindly swallow me up.

  19. Getting told off for talking

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    Sorry but I cannot take any more of these Showtime arrangements

  20. Wearing an ill-fitting black shirt-skirt-trouser combo that closely resembles a bin bag

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    Far from ideal.

  21. The distinctly awful sound of everyone trying to sight-read a new piece

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    Well, this is going to sound great at the end-of-term concert.

  22. Losing your voice to flu and missing the concert

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    After going to all those rehearsals?? Why throat, why won’t you let me sing.

  23. Relying on one person in your whole section for volume, and having a full-on panic attack when they’re off sick

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    What do you MEAN you have glandular fever? We need you Helen.

  24. Being crammed onto a bus with 30 other schoolkids to compete in a choral competition

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    Are we in Glee yet?